20 Things to Do During Lockdown From the Comfort of Your Apartment

08 Jan 2021 Deepika

Well, worry not, because we’ve put together a list of 20 things to do during lockdown from the comfort of your apartment.


1) Stream the day away

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Binge watching took on a whole new meaning during the first lockdown, and streaming services like Netflix are still one of your primary sources for entertainment. You’ve never had such a good excuse to plonk yourself down in front of the TV and watch a marathon of shows without the need to feel guilty.


2) Embrace your intellect with a book or two

If you were already an avid reader before the first lockdown, then we salute you. And even if you hardly picked up a book during the first two, it’s never too late to get your bookworm on. Get cosy and curl up with a good read that will help you escape for a couple of hours.


3) Become an artiste

We’ve all got an inner creative hiding away somewhere, and a lockdown is a perfect opportunity to bring it out. Doing some painting is one of the best things to do in lockdown to stimulate your mind while trying something different. Buy a few brushes, grab some paper and have at it.


4) Play that song, DJ

The first couple of lockdowns saw a surge of playlists created on music streaming site Spotify. So why not continue the trend and make some magic happen with expertly created playlists? Did someone say “deep house collection 2021”?


5) Learn to play an instrument

How about going one step further than a playlist and learning how to play an instrument? There are plenty of virtual classes online where you can pass the time of lockdown by playing a few strings on the guitar. Who knows? You might be the next Jimi Hendrix.


6) Shake ‘n’ bake

Everyone seemed to channel their inner baker during the first lockdown, with social media accounts filled with pics of tasty treats. And there’s no reason to stop the trend during the next one. Get your apron out, turn up the oven dial and start baking.


7) Feel the burn

While the gym might be a more preferential destination to get in shape, there’s still plenty you can do in your apartment to burn those calories. Exercising is one of the best things to do in lockdown, so find a YouTube video and get squatting, star jumping and just about anything else that helps break a sweat.


8) Podcast

An increasing number of people are becoming content creators these days, and now is the perfect time to join in. Setting up a podcast is pretty straightforward, and you can pass the time of lockdown while telling unique stories, either by yourself or by inviting friends on as guests.


9) Virtual tastings

Join a virtual tasting party and become a connoisseur. Plenty of companies are hopping on the virtual wine tasting bandwagon as they look to get creative with their product during lockdown. And you can get in on the act and sip back on a few reds and whites during a virtual tasting.


10) Enter the world of video games

With the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X recently released, now is as good a time as any to get into video games. Immerse yourself with one of the best things to do in lockdown and get online to play with others. Who said isolation needs to be lonely?


11) Treat yourself

We all promise ourselves that we’re going to take up a ton of new hobbies, become master chefs and be our best selves during lockdown. But it’s also ok to simply indulge every now and then. So put your feet up, find your favourite movie and order a takeaway. You deserve it.


12) Clean up your phone apps

No, but seriously, how many of the apps do you actually use on your phone? It’s time for some digital spring cleaning.


13) Think about your next holiday

Flying away to far-flung destinations seems like a pipedream at the moment, but hopefully, 2021 will allow us to travel more. With a vaccine available, it could be sooner than you think before you’re boarding a plane again. So why not use this time to plan your dream getaway? You don’t need to go as far as booking it just yet. But it’s a great opportunity to think about a better tomorrow... with a pina colada in hand!


14) Zoom quizzes

Don’t roll your eyes and pretend that you’re too cool for a Zoom pop quiz. We all know they’re cathartic in their own strange way, so why not embrace them and become a quiz pro? When else will you be able to show off your knowledge on the earth’s diameter or who starred in every James Bond film?


15) Attend virtual events

Quintain Living Drawingcredit @timjarman

Being stuck indoors doesn’t mean you can’t network, and there are tons of online events where you can rub virtual shoulders with others. Whether it’s in your professional field or an area that piques your interest, a virtual networking event is a great way to interact with new people and open up more opportunities. Quintain Living residents benefit from a monthly virtual events programme from wine tasting, paint & prosseco and cooking clubs.


16) Watch a virtual gig

Of course, you can always just sit back and relax, watching a virtual gig if you don’t fancy networking. There are plenty of live music concerts broadcasting online, and while it’s not the same as being there in person, it’s much better than missing out altogether.


17) Visit a virtual museum

Culture vultures, there’s no need to miss out on trips to museums where you can indulge in artefacts and history. Virtual museums mean you can still explore from the comforts of your own home, whether you’re checking the latest curation or finding out about ancient history.


18) Get a plant

What are you waiting for? Why haven’t you bought a plant already? We’re on our third lockdown!


19) Get a pet

Quintain Living Get a petcredit @fenrir_little_wolf

Now, remember: a pet is for life, not just for lockdown. But if you’ve always wanted a furry friend, now could be a great time to do it. And your four-legged companion will be welcomed with open arms if you live in one of our developments.


20) Take it easy

Lockdowns are tough on all of us, so it’s important to remember that you don’t need to do all of this stuff. Go at your own pace, don’t feel pressured to try things and just do you, because that’s one of the best things to do in lockdown.


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