Live and Study in London: Our Top 5 Tips for Students

15 May 2022 Alex

London is one of the best cities in the world, rich in bars, pubs, open spaces and, of course, plenty of learning institutions. It's understandable, therefore, that many students see London as an excellent place to live and study.


Our top 5 tips for living in London as a student


Today we'll be sharing our top five tips for students in London, telling you everything you need to know when considering a move to the capital. Regardless of what you're looking for, we're sure that London - and particularly West London - will have something for you.


1. Love where you live


A great living space is vital if you're relocating to a new city. Having a space that is comfortable, safe, secure and connected is the first step towards settling in. If you're looking for where to live in London as a student, West London is rich in excellent student living spaces, and we offer various student accommodation options.

It’s important to choose accommodation that suits you and your lifestyle. Here at Quintain Living, we have accommodation that is suitable for all personality types. We’re near plenty of open spaces, allowing introverts outdoorsy spaces where they can relax and recharge, but we are also close to a selection of bars and pubs - perfect for social butterflies. Not only that, we’ve got a good amount of necessities nearby to make your move in process that much easier, from all the best places to buy your groceries (like Tesco and Sainsburies) through to an Ikea to pick up any new furniture you need.


2. Make use of the local amenities


London is a hub of excitement and activity, filled to the brim with social spaces that'll ensure that you're never bored for long, no matter what day of the week it might be. At Quintain Living, you're never far from bars and pubs, meaning you can meet new friends – something that we know is important for student transplants.

There are also many fitness centres in the Wembley area (where we are located), including gyms and boxing centres - and we even offer gym facilities in all of our buildings. This means you can easily look after yourself without having to waste time travelling a long distance.

This convenience is especially important when you’re studying - it’s easy to find yourself with hours of coursework, and being nearby local amenities makes your life that bit easier. When you choose Quintain Living for your student accommodation, you won't need to compromise. 


3. Find the right area of London


It might be tempting to go with the first place you find in your price range, but it’s worth paying attention to the area you’re choosing - some are better for student life than others. Even though some might look appalling at first glance, it may lack open spaces, be too far from the city centre or not fit your lifestyle in some other way.

So where is the best place to live in London as a student? We think West London is up there as one of the top areas. It has a lot of great amenities and is within walking distance of a selection of open spaces, which is great for when you're feeling stressed. Life in London can vary massively depending on where you're based and while it may not seem like a big deal initially, it’s important to put a lot of thought into your choice.


4. Choose your home carefully


While you may be on the hunt for a one-bedroom apartment, that is quite a wide-reaching filter, so making a list of your other housing requirements will help you find the perfect space for you. If you're looking for something with an interesting botanic style, our Repton Gardens building may be the ideal fit, while our mid-century modern Madison building is a great choice if you want something more traditionally styled.

Beyond style, different student accommodation options may appeal to different kinds of people. While all of our buildings are within walking distance from bars, restaurants and pubs, Richmond Park, shopping amenities and more (we’re proud to be a 15-minute neighbourhood!), some, including Beton and Alameda, come with their very own garden and fitness spaces, allowing you to stay fit and healthy without ever needing to leave the building.


5. Get out there and meet new people


When sharing tips for living in London as a student, we absolutely need to mention the importance of meeting new people. Whether you're studying at Imperial College London, the University of West London or one of the other local options, there will be people on your course who'll share similar interests to you. And when you live in our apartments, we make finding new friends a breeze. Our residents are part of a community, and there are always lots of activities and events (many of which are free!) on in Wembley Park.


If you want to know where to live in London as a student, look no further than Quintain Living. We offer a variety of excellent buildings that include everything you could possibly need, ranging from modern decor to superfast internet. To learn more, get in touch with a member of our team today!


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