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29 Oct 2023: First Time Renters Checklist  

First Time
Renters Checklist

Renting your first flat in London can be a nerve-wracking experience for a number of reasons. You find yourself considering a million factors. Location is a big one- where should you live? Is it safe, close to friends?

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13 Oct 2023: Moving Checklist Your Ultimate Guide to Moving Flat or House  

Moving Checklist: Your Ultimate Guide
to Moving Flat or House

The whirlwind of moving house or flat can be daunting, but with Quintain Living's moving flat checklist, you'll find yourself not only packing your life into boxes but also seamlessly tackling administrative tasks like giving notice, cance

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23 Apr 2023: News  

Best Markets in London:
Our West London Market Picks

London is famous around the world for its markets, and in this article we’re going to run you through some of the very best the city has to offer - from street food and seasonal produce to vintage clothing and antiques, this list has somet

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17 Mar 2023: News  

Our Guide to Flatshares
in London

Living in one of the world's most vibrant cities can be an amazing experience, especially if you’ve got someone to share the city with. Flatsharing in London can be a no-brainer.

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06 Jan 2023: News  

What is the Cost
of Living Crisis

Turn on the news and there’s a very high chance you’ll watch at least one report on how the cost of living crisis is hitting the UK, and the world, hard at the moment.

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05 Jan 2023: News  

Top Tips for Moving To
London in 2023

Every year, thousands of people move to London from countries around the world to study, further their careers and start families. And it’s no wonder why - it’s a fantastic place to live.

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20 Oct 2022: News  

How Our In-Building Gyms
Make Keeping Fit Easy

Finding the time to get to the gym is not always easy. The working week, childcare commitments, socialising, the commute and sometimes just the appalling weather can leave your expensive gym membership unloved and underused.

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01 Sep 2022: News  

How to Hygge Your
Rented Home

Today we’re going to look at the changes you can make to hygge - that’s right, hygge - your home. If you’ve not heard that term before (or not heard it used as a verb!) then we better start with a few of the basics.

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10 Jul 2022: News  

The Best Theatres
in West London

London is famous around the world for its theatre scene, with the West End perhaps second only to New York City’s Broadway on the list of best known and most beloved theatre districts. 

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15 Jun 2022: News  

The Best Fine Dining
in West London

There’s a lot to love about living in a city as big, broad and beautifully diverse as London, from the sheer number of people out there to meet to always having the ability to head into the centre and see some of the world’s most famous at

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16 Mar 2022: News  

West London for Families:
Activities by Age Group

Close enough to the city centre that you can explore all London has to offer but with enough space to still enjoy some peace and quiet (and not to mention a character all of its own!), Wembley Park is the perfect place for families of all

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09 Dec 2021: News  

How to Style
Your Rented Apartment

One of the most exciting things about moving house is thinking about how to put your own stamp on your new place and having seen the space already, you should have a good idea of what you’re going to be workin

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06 Oct 2021: News  

World Mental Health
Awareness Day

There are so many things to worry about in life: Being a good friend or partner, making time for family, having a meaningful job, raising your children well, making enough money to live comfortably… the list goes on and on.

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05 Jun 2021: News  

Living in Wembley:
An Iconic West London Town

It’s easy to see why Wembley has become such a hotspot in West London. Regeneration, high-quality homes, great travel links and entertainment galore makes living in Wembley a top choice if you want to embrace the London lifestyle in a thriving area full of buzz.

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25 Mar 2021: News  

Top indoor plants
perfect for your apartment

Living in an apartment and being a gardening enthusiast was once a difficult combination, dry environments are not exactly the most ideal for those looking to turn their living room into a makeshift greenhouse.

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08 Mar 2021: News  

International Women’s Day:
Choose To Challenge

Covid-19 has put a stop to many things this year. But one thing still very much on the calendar is International Women’s Day and we are delighted to celebrate this event virtually with our Quintain Living Family. Let's #ChooseToChallenge.

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26 Feb 2021: News  

Beton: Pop Minimalism
hits Wembley Park

From the direct French translation of ‘Concrete’ (and frankly it sounds that bit cooler) Beton boasts clean lines, exposed concrete and a distinct palette that makes it the understated über stylish choice.

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19 Feb 2021: News  

Why my puppy is
my lockdown hero

A pet isn't for lockdown, it's for life. But lockdown helped our resident Lucy McSwiggan make this life-changing choice and getting her Yorkie, Ruby Ru, was the best decision she has made so far.

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14 Feb 2021: News  

Love is
in the air

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day – and it certainly was at Canada Gardens when Oyihoma arranged a secret proposal and photoshoot for his now fiancée Vanessa on the building’s 26th floor roof terrace.

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02 Feb 2021: News  

Celebrating LGBT+
History Month

As we can't all come together to mark LGBT+ History Month, we are bringing LGBT+ History Month to you. Celebrating this year’s theme of ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’ we have selected a variety of podcasts, talks and film recommendations to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

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04 Dec 2020: News  

Our #LoveWhereYouRent
winner is…

In October, we asked you, our residents, to tell us what you loved most about renting at Quintain Living for a chance to win one month’s rent for free, and you definitely didn’t disappoint with your impressive submissions and kind words.

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27 Nov 2020: News  

the winner is…

We are delighted to report that Quintain Living has received not one, but two awards in this years 2020 Homeviews Build to Rent Awards – some might call it the BAFTA’s of the property sector.

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23 Nov 2020: News  

Black Friday,
but tastier

We’re swapping the sales for semolina and Pasta Remoli’s Simone Remoli this Black Friday, and we’d like you to join us in the kitchen.

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12 Nov 2020: News  


Our resident’s mental health and general wellbeing is one of our top priorities especially as we navigate another lockdown. We caught up with workplace wellbeing consultancy, Luminate after one of their regular workshops with our residents to share some working from home tips.

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31 May 2019: News  

No deposits & no fees?
What took everyone so long

Back in March 2016 when Quintain Living opened it’s first apartment buildings, our goal was to rip up the rental rulebook and make renting better for everyone. That meant being better than the uncaring estate agents (by not being one ourselves) and being more useful than the lazy landlords most Londoners get lumbered with.

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14 May 2019: News  

Quintain Living Resident Supperclub with Nawamin Boss
- Christmas Special

Cooking reality television to us Brits is just as important to us as any other TV show – with intense finals and all the drama to see which apple pie will win – it’s fair to say we love our food. Which is why one of our signature events for our Quintain Living residents is The Supper Clubs. But in true Quintain Living style, these aren’t just any supper clubs – they are cooked by the best of reality cooking TV, Masterchef stars of course!

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08 Nov 2018: News  


On Sat 4 November in the evening, over 54 residents came along to our special Wembley Park Fireworks residents’ social on the recently finished Alto’s roof terrace

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15 Aug 2017: News  

Alto – Quintain Living's
newest building open

The weather has got chillier, but here at Quintain Living HQ instead of being sad about saying goodbye to summer, we are excited about welcoming a whole new raft of residents to our brand spanking new building, Alto, this Autumn.

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23 Jun 2017: News  


We’re big fans of London street food; whether it’s grabbing lunch at the Wembley Wednesday food market outside Quintain Living HQ or...

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02 Jun 2017: News  

Top 5 Places to eat
in Wembley Park

I’m a big fan of food, from curry, to falafel right through to dim sum. Getting to work for Quintain Living, and spending my days in Wembley Park, means I get to feed (pun intended) my love of good food.

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11 Jan 2017: News  

What's coming next
for Quintain Living in 2017?

It has been a very successful year for Quintain Living in 2016, and it looks like 2017 will continue this trend as Quintain Living launches its third building in Wembley Park; Alto, which is due to open in Summer 2017.

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04 Jan 2017: News  

Looking back
over 2016

It is fair to say that 2016 has been a busy year for Quintain Living . This time in 2015 we were just going live with the website, and two years ago we were still in the early talks of what the Quintain Living offer would be.

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