First Time Renters Checklist

29 Oct 2023 Alex

Renting your first flat in London can be a nerve-wracking experience for a number of reasons. You find yourself considering a million factors. Location is a big one- where should you live? Is it safe, close to friends? And how about what you get for your money - what's included and not included? There are also legal aspects like the right to rent in the UK to consider. There’s a lot to tick off before you put your feet up in your new home. So, that’s why we’re here to help you arm yourself with a solid plan. You'll be a savvy London renter in no time.

 One reason first-time renters find Quintain Living an ideal choice is its tenant-friendly model that helps you hit the ground running and takes the stress and hassle out of renting 


Advice for First Time Renters - The Checklist


Work out your budget

Money talks, especially when you're venturing into the rental market for the first time. Budgeting is a cornerstone of this journey, and it's not just about how much rent you can afford. Factor in utilities, groceries, transport, and the unexpected costs that life loves to throw at you. Now, what if I told you that Quintain Living offers a financial breather right off the bat? With their "one month free" offer spread across a 12-month tenancy, you're effectively paying less every month, making it easier to balance your budget (offer ends December 31st 2023).

Just think of the freedom this brings. That's a whole month's rent that can go towards furnishing your new pad, enjoying the local scene, or stashing away for future adventures. 


How much are bills per month?

Budgeting is often like navigating a maze. You might wonder, "How much am I actually spending on bills each month?" Traditional renting can make this a convoluted process, with various utilities, subscriptions, and service charges piling up. That's why Quintain Living is here to revolutionise your experience.

We're talking about simplicity in its finest form. With Quintain Living, you receive a single, itemised bill that covers everything—rent, utilities, WiFi, and even those value-added perks like gym access. The clarity you get with itemised billing is not just convenient, it's empowering. Now you can clearly see where your money's going and plan your finances accordingly. It's about taking the guesswork out of monthly expenses and replacing it with crystal-clear transparency.

Don't get bogged down with multiple payment dates and the chaos of unitemised, lump sum bills. With Quintain Living, it's one bill, one payment, and absolute peace of mind. So, say goodbye to budgeting blues and hello to hassle-free living.

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What is the deposit? 

The word "deposit" can be a real buzzkill for prospective tenants. It’s that chunky upfront payment that can make your eyes water and your wallet thinner. Traditionally, you'd need to set aside money, sometimes a hefty amount, to secure a rental property. Not with Quintain Living!

We've flipped the script on deposits. With us, you get to enjoy deposit-free renting. What does that mean for you? Well, you can save between £2,250 - £6,923 based on the apartment size. This means more money in your pocket rather than someone elses. 

There's actually more to it. Our approach is 100% in line with the Tenant Fees Act 2019, which means no hidden fees either. So, if you're eyeing one of our stylish flats in Wembley Park, you can just stroll in without that nagging worry of initial expenses.

In a nutshell, Quintain Living lets you channel your money where it matters most—to enhance your living experience, rather than locking it away in a deposit.


Will your landlord allow pets?

Worried about finding a pet-friendly home? At QL, we get it; pets are part of the family. That's why we've opened our doors to your furry friends for a little extra monthly fee. Forget about those restrictive clauses; we align with the latest legislation that makes it easier for tenants to live with their pets. So go ahead, bring your four-legged friend along for the journey! 


Furnished or unfurnished?

We know that when it comes to home, one size doesn't fit all. Love that minimalistic vibe and want to bring your own furnishings? Our unfurnished options are your blank canvas. Prefer a move-in ready home? Our furnished apartments come with chic, high-quality furniture that’ll make your friends envious. 

If you’re keen on moving over the furniture you already have, that’s great! We offer discounts & deals from services like professional movers that you can book directly to  to make the moving process even easier. But if you want to feel extra secure, you can also find specific contents insurance to cover your possessions during the transportation process.

Whether you’re a decor diva or a convenience king, we’ve got something for everyone. Your style, your rules—right here at QL.


Will you need a guarantor? 

Navigating the rental market can be a daunting experience, especially if it's your first time. One term you'll often hear is 'guarantor'. Now, you might wonder, who actually needs one? The answer varies, but the most common candidates include students, professionals relocating from other countries and international post-grad students, in short - those that don't have a credit history or footprint in the UK

 In the UK, letting agents and some landlords will perform a credit check on prospective tenants to assess their financial reliability. A guarantor essentially serves as your financial safety net, promising to cover the rent if you're unable to - a family member, for example. They're often required to provide identification, proof of address and go through referencing, just like you would.


Check your amenities- in other words, what does the rental flat come with? 

When it comes to creature comforts, Quintain Living doesn't cut corners. Imagine stepping into a stylish, spacious flat where not only is the superfast WiFi free, but utilities are also set up and ready to go. Fitness buff? There’s even a gym, saving you approximately £480 a year. Plus, with secure, flexible tenancies, you can decorate your space to match your vibe. At QL, you're not just renting a flat; you're gaining a lifestyle.


Quintain Living is far more than just a place to stay. It's where top-notch amenities meet financial freedom. Imagine enjoying free superfast WiFi for your streaming nights, free access to gyms for your well-being, and purpose-built work-from-home areas when you need to focus—all without the burden of a deposit or hidden fees. Your bills? Consider them sorted from day one.

This is the essence of budget-friendly living, designed to make your first rental experience not just easy but extraordinary. Don't just rent; live better. Contact us today and start the lifestyle you deserve.