Settling Your Pet into Your Home: Puppy and Kitten Guide

16 Apr 2023 Alex

There’s nothing quite like the companionship a pet can bring you, and we’re always excited to welcome pet owners into our Wembley Park apartments. In this article, we’ll run through some tips on how you can help your puppy or kitten settle in, and highlight some of the reasons our apartments are among the most pet-friendly you’ll find.


Your new furry friend 


Welcoming a pet into your life is a wonderful experience. Whether you’re caring for a kitten or providing for a puppy, your new furry friend will soon become one of your closest companions, and a source of great joy. Here at Quintain Living, we love pets, and we’re proud to offer pet-friendly apartments - especially at a time when, according to a survey we conducted, nearly a third of British renters report having to hide their pets from their landlord.

Cat under blanket

Caring for a kitten


What do I need for a new kitten?


The first step when getting ready to welcome your kitten is ensuring you have all the items you need to settle it in safely. 

These include: 

  • Cat food, appropriate to your cat’s breed and age
  • Food and water bowls
  • Toys and a scratching post
  • A cat carrier
  • A bed and blankets
  • A safe and secure collar
  • Grooming products 


How to settle a cat into a new home 


As with any other pet, the main thing to keep in mind when settling your cat into its new home is ensuring that it feels safe and comfortable. 

First, you should establish one room as a sort of home base for your kitten - a space that it can consider its own, where you can come in and keep it company without crowding it out. 

Try to make sure the room is an interesting environment, with enough places to hide that your cat feels that it can retreat and get some privacy. Make sure the litter tray and food and water bowls are placed within reach, and feel free to leave any toys that your kitten can safely play with unsupervised in the room. 

Let your kitten explore in its own time and feel comfortable in the house, and, if you want to let it outside, hold off until it’s fully settled in, and old enough. 

Finally, make sure your home is cat-safe, with any dangerous products, plants or objects secured out of the way. 


Caring for a puppy 


Dog on blanket


What do I need for a new puppy?


Before you bring home your new puppy, you should make sure you have the essentials, including: 

  • Appropriate and nutritious dog food
  • Food and water bowls
  • A crate and/or bed 
  • A range of toys for chewing, chasing, and snuggling 
  • Training treats
  • A comfy, adjustable, secure collar and leash 
  • Grooming products 


How to settle a dog into a new home


Again, the most important part of settling your puppy into its new home is its safety and comfort. While, unlike a cat, a puppy likely won’t need a whole room, it still needs somewhere it can call its own, even if that’s just a comfy bed. 

You also need to be ready to play with and train your puppy. This means making sure any important house rules are in place from day one, so that your dog doesn’t become confused. If you don’t want it on the sofas or beds, for instance, you need to make that clear from the outset. 


Quintain Living and pets 


There are lots of reasons that our apartments are perfect for pet lovers, from the wealth of on- and offsite green space, to the easy access to vets and grooming shops in the local area. 

Residents can also be part of the Wembley Park Cuddle Club - a daycare, spa and social hub for pups and pet owners alike, with a wide range of events and services on offer to help make you feel a part of a true community of pet lovers. 

We also make sure that our spaces are clean, friendly and welcoming to all. This means that there is an extra fee for pet owners, to help cover things like maintenance. We also collect DNA from any dog or cat poo found in our spaces, to identify the culprit. 

We hope you’ve found this guide to settling in your furry friend helpful and insightful. If you’d like to learn more about moving to a pet-friendly and fun space, why not check out our Wembley Park apartments to find the perfect option for you?



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