The Best Free and Affordable Things to Do in West London

18 Oct 2022 Alex

The post-festive time of year can be challenging, especially if you've had an expensive Christmas and New Year (as is all-too-often the case). Luckily, there are a variety of cheap and free things to do in West London, from visiting one of the local museums to having friends over for a rooftop drink. 


Chess board in Wembley Park


Free things to do in West London


Feeling the pinch after the festive period? Here we've compiled some great free things to do in West London, perfect for those days when you want to get out of the house but don't want to spend a fortune on entertainment. 


1. Have an evening drink in a Quintain Living rooftop social space


We have rooftop social spaces in many of our buildings that are perfect for relaxing and getting some much-needed recharge time - and they’re great for an evening drink, no matter the time of year. With great views, a comfortable setting and a close proximity to your apartment, all you need is to find the perfect conversation companion to complete your evening.

Our sky gardens are central to the Quintain Living experience, whether you live in Beton, Madison or one of our other apartment buildings


2. Go for a stroll through Hyde Park


Hyde Park is loved by so many for good reason – it's one of the few spots in London where you can just about forget that you're living in the big city. We're lucky to have it so close to our Wembley Park apartments - and if you want to feel even closer to nature, check out our botanically-decorated Repton Gardens building. 


3. Immerse yourself in a museum


There are many amazing museums in West London, including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum. They're among the very best that London has to offer, and the best part is that they're completely free to access, meaning that the only cost will be your tube fare.


Roof garden in Quintain Living


Affordable things to do in West London


Unfortunately, it's not always possible to have a day out that costs absolutely zilch - though it's still possible to have a great time without spending an absolute fortune. Here are some great affordable things to do in West London.


1. Go out for a sweet treat


Go on - treat yourself to something sweet! Whether you decide to enjoy it while out on the town or bring it back to your Quintain Living apartment, going out for an indulgent snack is a great way to break up the day. 

There are so many great spots in and around Wembley Park - here are just a few of our absolute favourites:

If you want to tuck into your treat in complete bliss, why not check out our contemporary and calm Alameda apartment building? 


2. Visit one of the local Middle Eastern coffee shops 


There are so many great Middle Eastern coffee shops and eateries in West London, perfect for any occasion and time of day - and when we say that you'll struggle to find better coffee and sweet treats anywhere else, we mean it.

Cha Sha is found on Coronet Parade and is a super popular spot, especially among young people. The food there is great - but that’s not our only recommendation! Khomali Albasra is another great spot and is as authentic as it gets.

After saving a bit by partaking in all the free and affordable activities on this list, why not invest in authentic Middle Eastern coffee-making tools so you can enjoy great coffee from the comfort of your own home?

Love that eclectic way of living? Check out The Robinson!


3. Get yourself a little gift from the Wembley Park Antiques Market


If you’re looking for something that’ll turn your new place into a real home, the Wembley Park Antiques Market is the place to find it. You’ll find a whole variety of pieces there that we’re sure you’ll love - especially if you enjoy the thrifting experience.

Heading to an antiques spot doesn't mean that you’ll need to spend a fortune either. There are lots of great deals - all you need to do is be patient and keep a keen eye and we can almost guarantee you’ll get yourself a real bargain.

If you love that retro, classy style, check out our retro-minimalist-styled Beton building.


Cheap eats in West London


Who doesn't love great food at affordable prices? While we'd love to be able to eat at the most expensive (and finest) establishments every day of the week, we’re aware that many bank accounts wouldn’t like that.

What are you in the mood for? We've included a bit of everything, ranging from to-die-for pizzas and full English breakfasts to authentic biryani that'll blow your socks off.


1. Taste of Peshawar


Taste of Peshawar is a brilliant Pakistani restaurant located on Harrow Road. If Middle Eastern cuisine is what you’re craving, this restaurant is the best place to go to. The food is fresh and delicious, and the smells inside (and from the street) are to die for.


2. Moulin Grill


Who doesn't love a greasy spoon cafe? Moulin Grill is as authentic as you could want and is also pretty cheap, even by greasy spoon cafe prices. Whether you want to tuck into a toastie just like Mum makes or want a full English after having one too many the night before, Moulin Grill is perfect.


3. Ecco'la Pizzeria


Ecco'la Pizzeria is a great pizza spot just off Wembley Park, a few minutes away from the tube station. It’s ideal if you want to grab a late-night slice and is pretty well priced - perfect for when you want to treat yourself but can’t afford to go all out. Good pizza doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg… and at Ecco'la Pizzeria, that’s especially true.


market food


So are you ready to take the leap and head to West London? It’s got everything from sensational cheap eats to free attractions and more to uncover. If you want to learn more, get in touch with a member of the Quintain Living team. 


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