The Expat's Guide to Living in London

09 Apr 2022 Alex

If you’ve ever visited London, then you’re sure to understand why it’s so easy to fall in love with. The rolling green spaces and historical architecture that line the cobbled streets are enough to keep visitors yearning to extend their holidays. Beloved by lifelong Londoners and tourists alike, we’re here to help you understand why - and how - you should live in the Big Smoke with this London expat guide. 

So, you’re interested in relocating to London to explore the secrets of the city, but are unsure of how to find quality one- or two-bedroom flats. Our Wembley Park apartments are the perfect home base and make discovering the hidden gems of London easy. Situated in a buzzing borough only 12 minutes from the city centre, Wembley Park is reason enough to want to live in the UK. 


Relocating to London: Why you should live in London


If you’ve ever spoken with a local, they’ll likely recite an inviting list covering why London is one of the greatest cities in the world. The Big Smoke is friendly and welcoming, with a diverse and buzzing atmosphere.

While the City of London is technically only about 2.9 square kilometres, Greater London is made of 32 boroughs, each with its own distinct energy and flair. Whether your taste is a chic and sophisticated neighbourhood or you prefer something a little more artsy and unique, there’s something for you. 


The best London boroughs to live in


The best boroughs in London are the ones that suit most of your needs for a happy life. If you’re like many of the young professionals who are flocking from all over the world to take advantage of the ample job opportunities in London, you’ll want to live somewhere with excellent access to public transportation. Wembley Park is only 12 minutes from central London and favourably linked with the rest of the city, which will make it that much easier to find a job.




Feeling at home in the capital of the UK is easy when you live in a welcoming neighbourhood. Wembley is an inviting community centred around entertainment and the arts. It’s gained a renowned reputation for hosting some of the best concerts and sporting events in London, and is known as a vibrant neighbourhood with dozens of buzzing bars and trendy apartments, making it the perfect home base.

For those newly-minted Londoners looking to explore the entire city and beyond, Wembely is cleverly connected. Your adventure begins at Wembley Park Station, served by the London Underground and only an eight-minute walk from our Alameda building. Love where you live - and live where it’s convenient to enjoy nearby green spaces, shopping centres and a vibrant community culture. 


Understanding transport in London


Getting from one place to another in London is easy when you take the Tube - London’s premier high-speed underground train network. Once you arrive in London, you’ll want to purchase an Oyster card as soon as you can. This acts as your refillable, all access card to using public transportation in London, including the recognisable red double-decker buses, the Tube, the Overground and more. 

London’s rail system is superbly efficient and relatively easy to use, meaning your first trips to visit London’s historic landmarks will be effortless. London Bridge, AKA Tower Bridge, can be accessed directly from Wembley Park Station, making this impressive neo-Gothic bridge an easy addition to your itinerary. And if you happen to land a job in Canary Wharf, you’ll get there with ease on a straight route from Wembley Park.

With just a few trips on these trains, you’ll be giving directions like a born-and-raised Londoner in no time at all. But while taking the Tube is an ultra convenient way to quickly travel into the city centre, London remains a beautifully walkable city. Wembley, especially, is full of sporty green spaces and bustling businesses that make an afternoon promenade outside your building worth the effort. 


Expat groups in London


International transplants can feel at home knowing that London is a melting pot of different cultures, communities and populations from all over the world. While there is plenty of opportunity to get to know your neighbours at your local pub, joining an expat club will help to expand your social network with others who share common interests and is a quick way to encourage new friendships.

Meeting other people to discover the city with is one of the most exciting aspects of relocating to London. Participating in expat groups is a great way to get to know others in your area, share stories and experiences and make friends. London is host to many groups dedicated to expats from all around the world. The London American Expat Group, for example, is a gathering place for over 8,800 North American members who have moved to the UK. This group organises meet ups within central London aimed at appreciating the glorious opportunities within the city as a collective.

Connecting with international individuals that understand the same challenges you may be going through is an invaluable resource as you make the transition into your new life. InterNations is a community based on the experiences of those moving to London from around the globe. Whether you’re looking for tips on managing the cost of living or applying for a work visa, the community at InterNations is always pleased to offer advice. 

With occasional events and forums on every facet of life, from tips to saving money in the Big Smoke to schools, culture and more, joining an expat community in London is a great way to get involved in your new community. Get exposed to exciting jobs in London or gain insight on how to immerse yourself with everything wonderful that the city has to offer - expat groups are a huge help to finding your way in a new home. 


Making the most of your time in London is easy once you’ve familiarised yourself with the inner workings of your community. Getting to know the Tube system will make your commute to and from work easy, and allow you to explore all 36 of the wonderfully unique boroughs of London. Situating yourself in a well-connected neighbourhood, like Wembley Park, will make your integration with the city that much more enjoyable. To get the most out of your brand new home, trade in high housing prices for a stylish flat with no deposits or hidden fees in one of our premium apartments today. Contact our team for more information.




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