Find Scandinavian-Inspired Serenity in our Landsby Buildings

01 Oct 2022 Alex

There’s a lot to love about living in London, from the wide range of food on offer to the huge number of activities you can try, places you can explore and people you can meet. 

And much of this is owed to the city’s diversity. The UK capital is incredibly cosmopolitan, and here at Quintain Living, we aim to reflect that in our Wembley Park apartments. Each one is uniquely themed and designed, from the mid-century chic of Madison, inspired by the hit TV show Mad Men, to the rustic naturalism of Montana and Dakota


West London apartments for rent: The Scandi-inspired Landsby


Landsby is the Danish word for village, and that pretty well captures the driving inspiration behind the two buildings’ design. 

Nordic homeliness and hospitality is the order of the day, with a range of communal areas to ensure residents get a full sense of community without the need to even step outside their apartment building. 

But that’s not to say you won’t ever want to leave - the excellent location means you also have access to all the wonder and excitement London has to offer. 

If you want a home that feels relaxing and welcoming - an oasis of Scandinavian serenity - Landsby is perfect for you. 


Key features


Opened in 2018, the Landsby complex is split into two buildings: Landsby East and Landsby West. 

Each comes equipped with a full range of features, including: 

  • State of the art Samsung appliances
  • Uninterrupted WiFi, with the option to upgrade to ultrafast
  • Free WiFi in all our social spaces
  • A dedicated work from home area
  • Storage (suitable for bikes) and additional storage options
  • Underground parking for residents
  • Keyless entry to both the building and your apartment

Apartments in each building are available furnished and unfurnished, so there are options for those looking to come into a fully set up and established home, as well as those who already have furniture.


Relax and enjoy 


Of course, Landsby doesn’t just offer a home - it also offers a community. While many London apartments to rent give you little more than a place to lay your head, Landsby has a wealth of space and amenities dedicated to sociability and relaxation. 

These include: 

  • A gym and kids’ play area
  • Residents’ gardens and a dog park
  • A residents’ lounge
  • A roof terrace and social spaces in each building

Quintain Living also hosts regular events for residents, from fitness classes and talks to nourish your body and feed your mind to cocktail nights and quizzes to help you get to know your neighbours. 

There’s also guest parking available, so you don’t need to worry if your friends and loved ones have a long way to travel - they’ll be able to come and visit without the stress of finding somewhere affordable to keep their car.  




Prices for apartments in Landsby range from £2,201 per month for an unfurnished one-bed of 51 square metres to £2,902 per month for a 75 square-metre fully furnished two-bed. In all cases, these prices include 60 mbps WiFi, a 24-hour concierge and resident team, and access to all the amenities we listed above. 

In addition, those who pass a credit check can skip paying a deposit, so you can get started renting with us without needing to put any money down upfront. 

Note: Our prices are subject to change, and there are offers available for longer-term contracts. To find the best deal for you, make sure to explore our apartments thoroughly.


Why we love this Scandinavian apartment


On top of all this, Landsby also goes out of its way to make you feel at home and cosy. The driving concept here is that of hygge, a word in both the Danish and Norwegian languages that means cosy contentment and comfort. 

There’s no direct or exact translation in English - but experiencing hygge will make you wish there was, and the warmth and conviviality that Landsby offers will help you experience the feeling firsthand.

Hygge became something of a buzzword a few years ago, and has increasingly been embraced as a major part of Danish culture. It’s no surprise that a part of the world with winters as harsh as Scandinavia’s are would develop a focus on comfort and togetherness at home. 

London can get cold and wet too, and even in the warmer summer months, the value of having somewhere welcoming to come home to can’t be overstated. 


Furniture and fittings 


Our Scandinavian inspiration goes further than just mood. With large windows to provide a huge amount of natural light to boost vitamin D and keep you healthy and well, Landsby also boasts exceptional interior design. 

This extends beyond structure and style to all the things inside our apartments. All our furnished options come with reliable and comfortable premium furniture from John Lewis & Partners, to ensure that you’ll be comfortable whether you’re lounging on your sofa, eating at your table or sleeping in your bed. 

Even the bathroom, kitchen and utility fittings are selected with intention. The apartments in our Landsby buildings come with fittings from esteemed German manufacturer Hansgrohe. 

There are practical benefits to this, of course - less water wasted and more control when cooking - but the choice of fittings also has an undeniable aesthetic appeal: sleek and modern without ever feeling cold or distant. 


We hope this overview of Landsby has gotten you excited about your future Scandinavian-style home, where you’ll experience the joys of hygge whenever you step through your door. 

Of course, Landsby isn’t the only option. We have a wide range of Wembley Park apartments to rent. Why not explore our site or contact us to learn more?


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