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Total minimum saving £3,078 a year and 29 days of chasing utility companies. Based on readily available data we believe you'll make the following savings:

No deposit or hidden fees

No deposit saving - between £2,250 - £8250 depending on how many beds

You could save up to 6 weeks rent if you qualify for our 'no deposit' scheme, according to TDS

Free superfast wifi

WiFi Saving - £348 per year

According to MoneySavingExpert and the COOP. 60mbp/s broadband is included in your monthly rent, all set up & ready to go.

Utilities set up and ready to go

Time saving

29 days of chasing energy & broadband companies according to Ofgem and Cable.

Gyms and fitness spaces

Gym saving - £480 per year

According to Money Advice Service.